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  • Flooky is composed of five individual strands with two specific elements hanging from the ends. 


    These necklaces can be worn individually or in a bunch. 

    Each strand has a certain length so that the pendants cascade at the end.


    There is a variety of options how to wear Flooky, 
    it is your personal choice and style.


    Happy beading 








    13,00 €Preis
    inkl. MwSt.
    • approx. 4.5g  seed beads size 15   

      approx. 12g  seed beads size 11   

      approx. 6g  seed beads size 11   

      approx. 7g  seed beads size 11   
      approx. 7g    seed beads size 11 

      approx. 7g    seed beads size 11 

      approx. 9g    seed beads size 11 

      approx. 9g  seed beads size 11 

      90  round beads/pearls 4mm (14pcs per color)    
      160  bicones 3mm (Bic3) – option: faceted bead 3mm  
      10  chatons 8mm (2pcs per element)     
      10  headpins - 15 jump rings

      Fireline 0,12mm


    • English -

      14 pages DIN A4

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