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  • Imany 


    Imany can be assembled in different variations to create individual pieces of jewelry. In this tutorial you will find both the bracelet and necklace and lush earrings. A 3 in 1 so to speak. Have fun beading.




    12,50 €Preis
    inkl. MwSt.
    • seed beads size 15 (R15) approx. 0.5g 

      seed beads size 11 (R11A) approx. 2.5g 

      seed beads size 11 (R11B) approx. 1.8g 

      seed beads size 11 (R11C) approx. 0.4g per color

      Bicone 3mm (Bic3) 40 pieces 

      (4 pieces per element) 

      Optional: Rondelle 3x2mm 

      Fireline 0,12mm - needle

    • English

      11 pages DIN A4

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