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  • Lady Grace


    consists of different elements which are assembled piece by piece. Lady Grace has a total length of about 44.5 cm. The small LG is 29cm long.The necklace was woven with "Miyuki" beads. For the decoration of CRAW ropes and knots, you can also use "Toho" beads.

    Basic knowledge in Peyote and Cubic RAW is required.


    Happy beading


    12,50 €Preis
    inkl. MwSt.
    • Approx. 0,7gr seed beads 15 (R*15)

      Approx. 30gr seed beads 11 (R11) color A 

      Approx. 5,5gr seed beads 11 (R11) color B

      Seed beads 11 (R11) color C 

      Seed beads 11 (R11) color D 

      Seed beads 11 (R11) color E               approx. 1gr

      Seed beads 11 (R11) color F 

      Seed beads 11 (R11) color G

      Approx. 1gr delica 11 (D11) Option: 2nd color

      125 bicones 3mm (Bic3)

      59 round beads 4mm (RP4) or fire-polished beads in different colors

      8 round beads 3mm (RP3)   

      62 fire-polished beads 2mm (GSP2)

      12/13 rondelles 4x3mm (RD)

      1 rivoli 27mm (R27)

      6 chatons 8mm (Ch8) 

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